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TZ-Monials Documentation

Install Extension

  1. Download the extensions (component and module)
  2. Install component and module from Joomla! back-end. You can install components without modules, but the module requires components to function normally
  3. Open and edit component options as desired
  4. Open and edit the module params as desired
tzmonials backend options

Component Options

  • Login Required: must log in before sending testimonials
  • Show Location: display the location field in the testimonial form and list
  • Show Website: display the website field in the testimonial form and list
  • Auto Approval: automatic approve and display testimonial on submit
  • Hide Form: hide testimonial form button on success
  • Use Captcha: use Google reCaptcha v2 to prevent spams
  • Site Key: Google reCaptcha v2 site/public key
  • Secret Key: Google reCaptcha v2 secret/private key
  • Max Character: set maximum character on comment, set 0 (zero) for unlimited
  • Send Email to Admin: admin receive one auto-generated email for every new testimonial posting
  • Send Email to Poster: poster receive auto-generated email for their testimonial posting
  • Admin Name: leave it blank if you want to use Joomla configuration default
  • Admin Email: leave it blank if you want to use Joomla configuration default

Module Params

  • Order By: select latest, earliest or random testimonial
  • Testimonials #: how many testimonials to show in this module
  • Max Char: maximum character for each testimonial, input 0 (zero) for unlimited
  • Header Text: text displayed above testimonials
  • Footer Text: text displayed bellow testimonials
  • Show Name: display user name
  • Show Date: display date of posting
  • Read More: display link to testimonial page
  • Link Label: link label to testimonial page